Is it true that you are new in Noida and looking for homemade food delivery in Noida? Away from home and craves for home-style prepared meals

The hustle for making ends meet mostly demands to compromise on our health, do you agree?

But well, without us knowing, there is always someone watching over us and about our well being. Tiffin Treats is one such place where homemade delicacies are made.

All about Tiffin Treats

Tiffin services, the term itself is clear as crystal. It is a perfect treat for those who deserve motherly love when at work.  

For us, cooking has dependably been enthusiasm and we have attempted our best to distinguish the lacunas in our city, Noida. We believe that in an obscure town it might be hard to get healthy food for a day-by-day feast at affordable prices. Fuss not, we present to you the curated rundown of the tiffin service in Noida.

Because of our perception, we inferred that a sterile/hygienic and pocket well-disposed tiffin service in Noida sec 63 is the need of greatest importance and that gave birth to “MUM’s FOOD“. Today, we are providing lunch and supper tiffin services in Noida. Individuals can appreciate hot, additive-free dinners at home or office without the issue of utilizing the help and purchasing food supplies.

Why opt for tiffin service in Noida?

Well, well, and well!

Do you not remember the consequences when you were in school and used to eat from a stall just because you are angry with mum?

You fell ill, remember?

If you still need more reasons to trust the best tiffin service in Noida, hop in:

Hygiene is important

Every tiffin that goes out from Tiffin Treats is prepared with the highest quality ingredients including spices and veggies. We are cooking at home where we cook for ourselves and before we cook we keep sure of the maintained hygiene.

Food quality

We never compromise on food quality. Wondering why?

Homemade Tomato Soup

This is because we appreciate life and we live by the fact we studied in our school, “Health is Wealth”. Our health is our greatest asset and we as a food delivery service provider, do not compromise when it comes to the quality of food we eat.

Value for money

We won’t ever charge you something that is not worth it. We make sure that offer more than what we take. The food we deliver would always carry more worth than the amount you pay us.

Lightening delivery

Serving late food?


How would we affront you with late tiffin service in Noida, a city of fasteners; we make sure it is hot and quick. We want you to eat fresh, hot, and healthy for sure.

Why Tiffin Treats?

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a North Indian dinner, an Indian thali lunch, a solid nibble at night, or even a little super. We have them all; our standard and mini-meal plans would bring you back to home drooling for the homemade delicacies. We do this because we realize how it is to be to live away from home with no one at home to cook for you.

We cook for you.

In addition, we are absolutely adaptable; you can ask us to work on our meal plans without stressing about losing over your cash. So, what are you hanging tight for?

We are very much aware of the busted and hectic life of an outsider who lives in Noida and understands the troubles they face. This is one of the major reasons we gave this pious shot to determine their concern.

Homecooked Food

We are a proud start-up and strive to stretch our network across the country and your support will make us the best tiffin service providers in Noida. We offer you the best homemade food delivery in Noida because we understand how it feels to sleep hungry. Read Our Story to understand this better. 

With a promise of offering the best tiffin services in Noida, we put stock in keeping up close relations with our customers. In doing as such we have made numerous great relations over a stretch of time and we are highly proud.

The Verdict

It is never too late to opt for something that does well to you especially when it comes to your health. Our lunch and dinner meal plans are always something to be trusted upon.

If you are wandering for a tiffin service in Noida to grab daily healthy meals, try us!

Indian food has the power to take away all your stress and give you the peace of mind you deserve. So the next you are in doubt,  Go Desi with the best tiffin service in Noida sec 63.