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Story of a Hungry Tiffiner

Order from the best tiffin service in Greater Noida

Tiffin service in greater noida starts when Akash Verma entered the capital city leaving behind a small town of Agra. He chose to work alone but alone must never be forever because there are consequences. Missing his family and homemade food by the divine hands full of love, he wanted to do something for the alike. He wanted to introduce the best tiffin service in Greater Noida and Noida at very affordable price and quick delivery.

His words…

“It’s been a good long time that I am living away from my home and trust me, it is the worst feeling when you have to cook for yourself especially after work, but now you can easily order veg tiffin services and also non-veg tiffin services near me. You miss your mom and the flavors that hit your senses when you are at the home dining drooling with the aroma of the homemade treats. I realized it’s all about the food that I craved for. My soul was craving for food that does not just fill my sinny tummy but also gives me the essence of that “Ghar ka khana” but couldn’t find the best tiffin service in Noida. That was the time when I was badly looking for homemade food delivery in Noida due to lack of time but ended up at Zomato and Swiggy.

I was tired, I wanted home-cooked food delivery in Noida but didn’t see much coming. A few offered online tiffin service, but the food didn’t remind me of home.

Those days seem to be fresh even now when mom used to cook and I was great at being a keen observer.  To start cooking for myself here in Delhi wasn’t easy rather a challenge after the busy days at work. After a few years, there was an epiphany that I must do this for all my mates who feel the same. Craving for “home-cooked food near me” was a dream come true for my folks.Tiffin service in greater Noida help you to find your ideal food and we provide veg tiffin services which is made in a seperate kitchen room.

Fresh and Healthy Beginnings with expert tiffin service in greater noida

There it begins, with Tiffin Treats made by Akash Verma who was lost in the world of homemade food cravings for the people who miss home.

If you are craving for non-veg you can search non-veg tiffin services near me.

Homemade food away from home now serves in and around all the sectors in Noida. By God’s grace and mother’s love, we plan to serve you across the city leaving no craver behind.