If preparing food after work is what you run from, why do it?

Think of the day when you get to your home at 11 from work, got nothing to eat and left with the expensive online thali to serve your hunger. Guess what the worst part is?

The total turn-off is when the food was attractive, just in the photos and isn’t good at the taste. Have you been through it already?

It is probably the worst nightmare you would ever want to experience. But well, it is not much necessary to cook when you are tired after work, you have multiple other options. You can plan a monthly lunch and dinner meal subscription with the best tiffin service in Noida.

We can imagine how it is to be when you are living all by yourself or maybe with a friend and trust us, and it’s okay not to be in a mood to cook. It is all okay to feel tired and order online thali but just a question here. Do you think you are spending wisely?

How much do you earn in a month?

…and how much do you spend?

Well, to go a little particular, do you save for what you should?

I am sure; you don’t. If you are earning, say 30,000 per month, spare 7,000 for your rent, 5,000 water and electricity. What are you left with, just 18,000 bucks?

A Hungry Dog Looking For Food

Recent research says that most of the office goers and students who are living by themselves don’t eat their breakfasts. Oh my, how can you do that to yourself?

I hope a mother is not reading this or it surely would have hurt her. Shhhh, let’s keep it a secret and tell you more about this amazing homemade food delivery in Noida.

200% homemade food delivery in Noida

Homemade food is our weakness, and there is no denying the fact that a healthy and motherly-cooked meal is something that we crave for. This is especially the ones who live away from their homes. Let us accept this; it is not always possible to cook for you, majorly after work or college.

Would you cook after getting back at eight from the University or Office?

No, no, we are not at all talking about cooking Maggi. The big deal is chapatti, sabzi, dal, raita, and salad as well. Are you feeling tired already?

Here’s what we offer, the best homemade food delivery in Noida. Talk about tiffin service in Noida, and we are here to serve you wherever you are (but just in Noida for now). There are countless tiffin services in Noida but why trust us?

Well, because we do not just say to offer homemade food, but we guarantee you homemade delicacies with a perfect taste, hygiene, and the feeling of being at home.

Why customers love our Tiffin Treats?

Well, this is the easiest question of all.

Ask yourself, if your mother cooks your food, would you ask her why I should eat this?


It is because a mother cooked it for her “ankho ka taara” whom she never wants to hurt but to serve the best. This is the only reason people love our tiffin treats. Cooked in a kitchen like yours, the food we deliver is made with mother’s love taking care of the necessary nutrients that should be in your diet.

Mother preparing dough

When a mother cooks food at home, she makes sure that you eat healthy food cooked in proper hygiene. This is one of the reasons our customers prefer our homemade food delivery in Noida over the street side or restaurant’s food.

Our daily meals

At Tiffin Treats, we promise to offer you 100% nutrition in the food we prepare. Our everyday meals include lunch and dinner services.

To talk about the meals, each tiffin carries oiled 3-4 chapattis, one sabzi, rice, and dal. Not to brag about it but our food is loved by everyone who has tasted it. We are proud to deliver food that our customers love. If you are still wondering where to get the best homemade food in Noida, wait no more and call us at +91-9380715537. We are pleased to serve you the best.