Are you tired of cooking after work?

Still ending up at Zomato after cooking “Jala Hua Khana”?

Well, that’s over now. We believe that you deserve the 100% homemade tiffin treats that serve in Noida at your convenience. Lunch and dinner meals are no more a challenge. We understand how exhausting it could be, to drag yourself home and then to cook after a busy day at work.

We know exactly how it feels. So, we decided to open up for you. Homemade food delivery in Noida is just a call away. Still wondering, why you should pick us?

Here are a few reasons:

It will fix homesickness

 If you are away from home and missing your mom’s food, we have got your back. These Dabba and tiffin service in Noida is always ready to serve you the original homemade food. From the very 1st sector in Noida till the last one, at Tiffin Treats we offer wide varieties of delicacies which make your mouth watering at the very moment.

Ready to allow us for a service, rely on the best tiffin service in Noida.

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Taste is always important

The best people at Tiffin Treats will present to you a large lip-smacking thali which Is large enough but at the same time allows you to crave more of it. Make sure you always grab a meal on time because timings and taste are always important.  Our yummy, appetizing, and scrumptious nourishments will call you to book a meal for you.

Go grab a bite of healthy homemade delicacies and order thali online which comprises of roti, dal and chawal and many more at just 90 bucks.

  Plan your meal!

We love foodies!

Food lovers can grab delicious, hygienic, and homemade food with great quality served with love by the best tiffin service in Noida. You don’t really want to miss your home food much because the taste is so similar complimented with lightening home service. If you are missing “Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana” hygienic and nutritious food we would totally recommend to try us for the thick gravy sabzi, healthy dal, quality rice, accompanies with oh-so-soft parathas and salad.

We have a story!

Every business has a story and well, it wouldn’t be justice to call us a business. We started when he and his Noida mates were craving homemade food delivery in Noida but they all ended up at zomato and swiggy. They wanted someone to cook for them but of course, they found none. It was a very long time when they found a baby bump growing out of there stomach.

It was then, when he, Akash Verma decided to work on what his mother taught him and serve the people what wanted, the homemade food delivery in Noida. And, here he is, at Tiffin Treats.

Why it is Tiffin Treats?

Well, if you are asking why Tiffin Treats. It is because he wanted the tiffin to be a treat and not just that regular Dabba that they are bored from. Every tiffin carries the spices of love that reminds you of home.

If you got doubts, you can join him any day at his place and see how the food cooked and who cooks it. You will surely love to grab the food because, at Tiffin Treats, every meal is prepared for a kid away from home. It is not just a regular tiffin service in Noida, but a Dabba full of “Maa Ki Mamta” that always reminds you to eat on time and the best.

Why compromise on price?

Enjoy the authentic food and experience the perfect taste and quality with economic price. Just from a single call from your office desk starts the mom’s magic and serve you the perfect homemade food delivery in Noida. Even the simple dal and mix vegetable taste luscious and toothsome. If you are missing your Ghar Ka Dabba, it’s the right place to rest your food troubles.

Noida is filled with a great vast variety of exotic dishes from savouries’, chats to a huge thali. All you need to have is time and around a hundred bucks to taste Noida especially when it comes to order thali online.

Ready to order thali online?

Well, if you have made up your mind to order thali online, we can guide you exactly how to do it. All you have to do is to call us at +91-938015537 and book a meal with us. You can choose from the weekly and monthly plans. We are currently delivering from Monday to Friday, lunch and dinner meals but with your support, we wish to do more and order breakfast and corporate meals as well.

Order Ghar ka khana!